Greg Forcey, PhD

Wildlife Biologist, Project Manager

Certified Wildlife Biologist®
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About Greg Forcey

I am a wildlife biologist studying effects of energy infrastructure on wildlife populations.

I manage wildlife research projects focused on understanding energy impacts.

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Offshore wind turbines

With 22 years of experience in wildlife science and 14 years of experience in consulting, I have developed a highly-evolved skillset for tackling complex wildlife-related issues for energy developers and government clients.

I’ve spent most of my consulting career working on wind energy projects and addressing wildlife concerns such as collisions and displacement. I’ve also worked on transmission, distribution, and substations projects and have built risk models to understand where and when electrocutions are likely to occur.

What I do

I work with clients on an individual basis to understand their needs and provide a custom solution while considering the feasbility and practicality.

Wildlife Biology

Each client needs a custom solution to address their wildlife needs. I work diligently with each client to understand the problem and propose a realistic, feasible, and efficient solution for your issue.

Project Management

Energy clients often have complex projects that require working with multiple stakeholders. I work collaboratively with all stakeholders to understand the issues and arrive at the best solution possible.

Data Analysis

I use R and SAS to manage data and build spatial distribution and habitat-based risk models for utility infrastructure to understand where collison and electrocution risks are the highest.


Avian Ecology

Wind-Wildlife Interactions

Project and Client Management

R and Python Programming

Proposal Writing and Marketing

My Experience


Normandeau Associates, Inc.

Principal Scientist

I lead a post-construction monitoring project for an offshore wind facility in the United States. I also frequently write proposals to develop new work.


University of Florida

Data Analyst

Using ODS Excel and Microsoft VBA, I used SAS to develop automated reports for large datasets (>40 million records).


Normandeau Associates, Inc.

Senior Scientist

I managed multiple wind energy and wildlife projects conducting post-construction monitoring surveys, developing bird and bat conservation strategies (BBCS), and collision risk modeling.

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